Berlin_mitte. A country for old (socialist) men

The bunker – cold war psychogeography

the bunker from OGINO KNAUSS on Vimeo.

This sequence was shot in an abandoned  military bunker  in Cuba. It was presented to us as destined to one  of the infamous nuclear missiles of the 1962 crisis, although we have no elements to confirm this hypothesis. It was nevertheless a sinister and fascinating place, huge enough to contain a big launching pad. The soundtrack of the clip was recorded on site  by Infrason while Marians was “playing” the huge rusty metal doors, and remixed live during the live set at the Casa de la Cultura de Alamar. This sequence was part of the first version of Doble Forza, later cut off to streamline the vision of the film and added to the DVD as extra content.

nothing is left

nothing is left from OGINO KNAUSS on Vimeo.

Nothing is left. We imbued this long take traveling towards Alexanderplatz with the dark mood of Circuit Parallele’s track. It is a study for the in progress film project, an urban symphony following three characters meandering through the psychologic landscape of a relentlessly transforming Berlin…

Jardín de los Afectos_Alamar_La Habana

Sculture garden in the Micro X (tenth district) of Alamar, La Habana del Este, work of the artist Hector Gallo. Photographed in 2006 by ogino:knauss

Edificio Girón – La Habana

This 17 floors brutalist complex was the first coup de foudre in La Habana. Built in 1967 in the Vedado neighbourhood., the building faces the sea on the Malecon boulevard. Corroded by salt, rusty structural iron surfacing all over, its concrete skeleton looks like a creation of the gloomiest J.G. Ballard.

Elevators are out of order since ages, the stairs lack of balustrade and steps. The two blocks are connected by long claustrophobic corridors, constantly  swept by the breeze, scoping the amazing waterfront through long embrasures worthy of a bunker.

Life sardonically sprinkles from this modernist dream turned nightmare: old ladies carrying shopping bags up the stairs, bodybuilders exercising in the corridors, children joyfully playing all over.