Marginal Notes opening at Remont Gallery Belgrade


1-5 October 2015

Exhibition produced by Transeuropa Festival / Transnational Dialogues

Curated by Luigi Galimberti

Thanks to Miroslav, Marija and everyone at Remont gallery

Photo by Boris Burić

Towards Belgrade

Invited by Transeuropa festival 2015, we finally have the opportunity to come back to Belgrade and reopen our file on this city. From October 1 to 4 we will coordinate a urban reconnaissance workshop dedicated to the “City of Commons”: here we take the cue from an investigation of the concept of city as a common good to design an urban walk exploring key spaces of the Belgrade and its political life. We hope this experience will also provide an important preparatory fieldwork for a future Re>centering Periphery episode.

A main focus of our research will be again on Novi Beograd, the modernist new town designed to be the capital of Yugoslavia, and on the dynamics that have transformed this exemplar socialist city in a middle class Serbian residential district. But the relation/connection with the “center” (historical, political, administrative), and an investigation of privatisation, commodification and financialisation processes are key question that we want to address during this exploration.

Since our last visit some important events have transformed the scenario. First, the progressive uncovering of the Belgrade on Water  project, an overwhelming speculative development sponsored by the mayor and funded by Arab Emirates funds, which is going to impact tremendously the city. Our friends of the Ministry of Space collective are in the forefront of the campaign against this crazy project imposed to Serbian citizens without the pale shadow of a public debate, and we plan to document their campaign and the vicissitudes of the project.

Secondly, the ongoing refugee crisis has greatly endangered the already troubled idea of an European integration process and the Serbian participation to it, with domino effects of borders’ closures, suspensions of the Shengen’s treaty and deployment of fences, walls and barbed wires. Between nationalists winds and rampant global capitalism it is with disquiet feeling that we get set to our trip to Belgrade, ready to explore a conflicted and contradictory scenario but also to support local struggles and constructive initiatives.

“Licht, Luft und Sonne”


Saturday April 11

20h_Exhibition Finissage: Sistemi Audiofobici Burp DJ SET. WJM / MAT POGO / JD ZAZIE  @ Urban Spree Gallery

JOIN US for the closing party of Marginal Notes at Urban Spree!

Periphery at the Center 29_03_2015

Sunday 29 March @5 pm

Conversation moderated by Laura Colini with Jochen Becker of  MetroZones, Christian Hanussek of AG Hellersdorfer Illustrierte and Lorenzo Tripodi of Ogino:knauss. The panel discusses approaches and artistic strategies for understanding the periphery, questioning what urban periphery means today in Berlin, how it can be approached, told, studied and represented.

The round table within the Marginal Notes event is open and free.

Soon after @7 pm aperitif with JD Zazie playing live urban field recordings.

VENUE: Urban Spree, Revaler Strasse 99, 10245 Berlin