Narkomfin semi-collectivized housing complex

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Novinsky boulevard 25 (korpus B)
1928 – 1930

Moisei Ginzburg & Ignaty Milinis (engineer S. Prokhorov)

Dom novogo byta: House of the New Style of Life

In 1928 The STROIKOM (Building Committee) of the Russian Republic commissioned Ginzburg and other architects form OSA to create standardised housing types. The most notable among the six realised was the Narkomfin Communal House. It was not designed as a fully fledged Dom Kommuna, rather as a social conderser meant to accommodate an individual’s transition towards fully socialised life. The building provided different types of apartment detined  to traditional families as well as to singles, sharing a wide number of common facilities. The original project envisioned a laundry, a communal building with a canteen and a sport hall and a creche, never realised in fact, where children were supposed to be raised in community.