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From Disurbanisation to Hyperurbanisation

China 1958
“Following the Marxist theory of cancelling the difference between city and countryside, de-urbanization called for the abolition of cities in favor of “field urbanism” an evenly distributed industry intermingled of agriculture and residential areas. First imagined by Soviet Constructivist avant-garde in the 1920s, de-urbanization was the red, communist version of Ebenezer’s Howard Garden City.” [...]

The old poet

There is an old man who lives nearby the Narkomfin, notably in the stalinian building build in the place of the 5th element of the narkomfin project; every time he sees someone hanging around and taking pictures, he comes out and start to tell stories about both buildings, and the  competition among them to be [...]

Dr.N.A. Semashko

People’s commisar of the health. Dr. Semashko is an important figure among the circle of the reformers of the everyday. He lived for a while in the Narkomfin but in 1932 he left his first wife there and moved with the new one in a stalinian building closer to the Cremlin.
Before the Revolution there had [...]